cockapoo puppies - due 10th november 2019

A long time in the planning....


We are incredibly chuffed to announce that our little cocker spaniel, Farrantshayes Ebony (Bonnie for short) has been scanned in pup and all being well we will be having 4-6 Cockapoo puppies around November 10th! 

The sire is a KC registered, fully health tested red Miniature Poodle who we selected for his even, kind disposition- he regularly trains in obedience.  Bonnie herself is a delight of a dog- sweet natured, fun and recently tested clear for PRA and FN. She is also KC registered and her father, our beautiful orange roan Rusty Roo- my dog of a lifetime-  is here to see. 

These puppies have been several years and thousands of pounds of health testing in the planning. All the visitors to the farm love our spaniels- they're so easy going, gentle and have such bombproof temperaments, so we hope to find very special homes for these little ones. Good homes are the most important thing for me with these little ones- we aren't professional dog breeders and I want to know that they're going to people prepared for the hard work as well as the rewards of having a puppy!

I will be keeping this page updated with the progress of the litter. They should be ready to go after Christmas- please don't ask me to let them go for Christmas Eve/Day. Bringing a puppy into the chaos of Christmas Day in most households is a recipe for disaster! We certainly didn't plan for the litter to be ready at this time of year, but it happened to be the time Bonnie came into season. Early January  is the earliest date I had in mind for them going, at which point they will be eight weeks old.

Please do drop me a line on if you're interested in adding your name to the list or coming to meet Bonnie and Rusty. I will be adding to this page in the coming weeks. 

*(P)UPDATE*- As of this morning (20th October) I have four names on the 'waiting list.' The scanner has said there are 4-6 pups present, but obviously cannot guarantee that. So I can take a few  more names but cannot give a cast iron guarantee there will be a pup. Of course when they are born we will have a clearer picture! 

Sire- KC Reg red Miniature Poodle- 'Magic'


Dam- Farrantshayes Ebony -KC Reg Cocker Spaniel


one week old- 20th november


Bonnie's three puppies were born on November 13th. Of course- as per usual- Jon played midwife as I was at work. I seem to miss everything around here! Bonnie was an amazing mum from the get-go to her two boys (one red, one black) and girl (red). Sadly we had to sift our way through the waiting list of seven names- some people's circumstances had changed or simply just changed their mind on whether a puppy was right for them at this moment in time. We ended up with three names of very special sets of  people to let these little ones go to and set up a WhatsApp group to share photos and news. The first few nights we spent sleeping downstairs next to the whelping pen on a campbed, worrying that something would go wrong and jolting awake at every squeak! Pups can't see or hear at this stage- they're virtually completely helpless. Here's a pic of the little girl at six days old- she's seriously photogenic.

two weeks old- 27th november 2019

cockapoo puppy two weeks

At two weeks old the pups eyes are just starting to open, though their vision is still very poor. They are starting to attempt to try to walk- little black boy is the keenest to get mobile! Thankfully for us they still sleep most of the time- the room has to be kept very warm, but with the combined heat of the AGA and their heat pad this isn't too much of a problem, though we are sweltering and living on jacket potatoes (might as well make the most of having th!). When we aren't in the room we keep on eye on them via the webcam, which has proved an absolute Godsend. We weigh the pups twice a day to check their progress; Bonnie is such a good mum that they've packed on the pounds and are proper little chunkies! Their weight is charted on an incredibly complex spreadsheet devised by Jon- I steer clear of this and focus on giving out regular cuddles.

four/five weeks old-16th December 2019


At four and a half weeks old the pups are now very much mobile and into everything! They're beginning to try solid food and lapping water from a bowl. Their teeth are starting to come through and individual characters are really becoming evident. They still sleep a lot but they like to come out to explore the kitchen several times a day. They are meeting lots of different people- having them in the kitchen is great as when visitors come they can have a cuddle, which means they're meeting men, women and careful children of all ages- hopefully this means they won't have any social anxieties when they go off to their new lives. We have set up a WhatsApp group for our three new owners (who we now think of as friends) and we share photos and videos of their progress daily.   

All in their new homes- January 2020


All three of the little lovelies are now in their new homes. Strangely enough all have gone to the South coast! We had a lovely time raising them and it was quite a wrench to see them go off but we know that the lovely folks who have them will truly appreciate their 'Farrantshayes' puppies. Little Cooper on the left here is settling in beautifully with Kim and Tosha-he is as laid back as his grandad, Rusty Roo.


We are looking forward to welcoming all three puppies back for a reunion BBQ this Summer! It will be lovely to see if they remember us and the farm and we are looking forward to seeing how much they have grown.